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Istvan’s works have been performed/played in many venues throughout the United States, as well as Europe, and on the airwaves. He especially enjoys working with other artists, and was the Artistic Director/founder of the “New Haven Worx” and “SOUNDunderGROUND” concert series. Currently he is an active member in the “Sub-Verse” music group, and composer for the “Projects for a New Millennium” group (www.projects2k.org).

For him, the essence of composing is the overseeing of large-scale blue-prints, then delighting in the details. Often an aesthetic/philosophy/dream/process/game operates as structural glue in his works- not outwardly obvious in many cases.

Influences are many: electronic, avant garde, electronica, orchestral works, break-core, traditional classical music, sound mass, tonal, atonal, soundtracks, ambient, “popular” music from 1900 to present, folk-music, music of the spheres, glitch, hard-core, pre 1600 and more ancient music, punk, etc. He enjoys performing new works for the keyboard (and various controllers) mixing elements, traditions and influences.

Istvan studied composition, electronic music, and conducting at the Hartt School of Music, piano at the Yale School of Music, Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest Hungary (awarded a Fulbright Grant), composition and piano at the Oberlin Conservatory, Neighborhood Music School (NMS), and the Educational Center for the Arts (ECA).

He taught piano and composition as well as music technology at Central CT State University, Southern CT State University, as well as at ECA and NMS. Currently, he teaches piano, composition and theory at NMS, piano at SCSU and UNH, and Composition/Audio Production at ECA. He also records, edits, and produces CD/DVDs and uploads of concerts and auditions through his company: BRACZsound.

He is also a landlord of several properties in the Greater New Haven area.





Istvan Peter B’Racz